Joining Neolithic Dots

I had visited the National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride, Scotland with Anne over 20 years previously and had noted one striking and enigmatic object. This had been a large stone slab from a neolithic burial site in Perthshire engraved with so called ‘cup’ marks. My intuition at the time was that these… Continue reading Joining Neolithic Dots

Cassis by J.D. Ferguson

I have competed this write up some days after visiting the McLean Museum and Art Gallery in Greenock, Scotland. JD Ferguson is one of the four famous Scottish Colourists. I would have imagined the painting was completed at a single session. Perhaps the artist is ‘time stamping’ his creation into a specific day. This is… Continue reading Cassis by J.D. Ferguson

The Bonny Barques

I had come to realise that the membership of the Probus Club in Irvine (Scotland) and also its invited speakers could describe a rich vein of life experience and knowledge. And all was undertaken in a manner of jovial banter and a certain forthright honesty.  When one of the members described a ‘folk memory’ of… Continue reading The Bonny Barques

Samuel Peploe in Greenock

(Written while studying ‘Stlll Life’ by Samuel Peploe in Greenock in the McLean Museum and Art Gallery.) The colour palette is subdued. The jug and fruit stand are essentially white – likewise the fabrics and napkins. Apples with their full colour are prominent but the highest accolade is with the oranges on the raised platter.… Continue reading Samuel Peploe in Greenock

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Plein Air Day at Troon Art Club

It was the warmest day of the year. We gathered at the car park of the Marine Hotel in Troon while all around activity was on going for the 2024 Open Golf Championship. We eventually got going sometime after 11 o’clock. Preparations had been made. A trusty easel from my teenage years had been spruced… Continue reading Plein Air Day at Troon Art Club

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