The Scottish Play in Edinburgh

There are very few plays that written over 400 years ago  succeed in enthralling an audience consistently and with heights of engagement. The recent production of Macbeth staged in Edinburgh and due for onwards productions in London and Washington DC,  forges an abiding memory. A keynote of the production  can be described as ‘never a… Continue reading The Scottish Play in Edinburgh

Re-colouring Shakespeare

Enter the First Folio It had been a creative project to assign colours to every letter in a specific text by Shakespeare and has been described in a previous post. It has always been unclear as to the best font to use. Fonts at the best of times are highly subjective like the cognitive experience… Continue reading Re-colouring Shakespeare

First Folio at Mount Stuart

The 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s first folio has been marked in various ways wherever such volumes exist.  This typically has  carried a celebratory tone, by way of remembering a notable work as Ben Johnson confirmed in his dedication in the first folio that the Bard’s work was  ‘for all ages’. Around 50… Continue reading First Folio at Mount Stuart

Colouring Shakespeare

The Eye of Colour Life can certainly be enriched by the well crafted spoken word. Examples which spring to mind include the treasure trove of the world’s great writers and poets. Different cognitive pathways, however, interpret the spoken and written word and where a well spoken dialogue will perhaps have a greater resonance than one’s… Continue reading Colouring Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Machine

While the broad spectrum of artistic expression relating to Shakespeare is acknowledged, the scope of more contemporary pieces using modern technology is identified as of particular relevance today. This would provide a novel blend of the old and the new, that would retain technological credibility and novelty but with a deep cultural content. A range… Continue reading The Shakespeare Machine

Shakespeare in Silver Street

Perhaps it is better said that it is worthwhile to read books and especially rewarding to discover treasures among them. An example of this is the book entitled ‘The Lodger’ by Charles Nicoll whose starting point was the serendipitous discovery of a part of a court record involving William Shakespeare. The record related to a… Continue reading Shakespeare in Silver Street

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