Silicon Playground

Introduction The project seemed like a distraction but was to open doors to projects of future scope. There had always been encouragement in the family home to make things – plaster of Paris moulds of scottie dogs and ladies with large dresses. There was undoubted skill here to add just enough water to the white… Continue reading Silicon Playground

Art in Science

An Observation Exhibitions based on new technologies are always of interest. Those based on emerging optical technologies even more so in terms of the possibilities they unlock. At a Photonex exhibition in Coventry in October 2019 there was an enthralling exhibit that could be described as a ‘cube of light’ which at a guess comprised… Continue reading Art in Science

Marie Curie and I

It was one of those ‘archaic’ experiments in the Natural Philosophy laboratory at Glasgow University. It had been included in the belief that it provided the student with a better appreciation of the basics of radioactivity. As I recall the experiment involved a radioactive source and a gold leaf electroscope. When a charge was placed… Continue reading Marie Curie and I

New Atlantis

There are those who have read ‘New Atlantis’ by Francis Bacon and those who have not. For those who have read the manuscript this summary will not be a revelation. For those who have not it can only be hoped that the summary does a jot of justice to the main work. The narrative of… Continue reading New Atlantis