On the Trail of the Elgin Marbles

A Portrait The collection on display at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland is like a treasure trove of things that were and which very likely are still with us. Take for example, what is referred to in the United Kingdom as the ‘Elgin Marbles’. For being constantly in the limelight of international… Continue reading On the Trail of the Elgin Marbles

The Half Life of Stuff

It was an idea to make a statement about the fragility of family objects with the passing of the generations. It seemed appropriate to make a photographic record of assorted items with specific associations. Access to a Canon Compact camera simplified the photography with choice of a square image format. The images captured were mainly… Continue reading The Half Life of Stuff

Surprising Salisbury

After moving from North Wales to Warwickshire so began a process of exploration of the surrounding counties. This tended to be undertaken without the immediate access to all manner of information about intended destinations as is now available. This made travel then more of an unfolding experience than one of matching experience to expectation. It… Continue reading Surprising Salisbury

York Air Museum: RAF Elvington

The Unexpected Museum The meeting on liquid and gas flow measurement using a novel technology pioneered by the Dutch company Bronkhorst was being held at the former RAF Elvington World War II airfield near York in England. The meeting itself was highly interesting and particularly relevant to measure the actual flow rates of infusion devices… Continue reading York Air Museum: RAF Elvington

James Watt’s walk on Glasgow Green

The Story Line In one sense the Industrial Revolution was gathering steam – but not very efficiently. The Newcomen engine which initially was developed in 1712 was in use at numerous locations in Britain but was expensive to operate on account of the system’s poor conversion of input energy – coal – to useful power… Continue reading James Watt’s walk on Glasgow Green

The Lodge at Arnisdale

Local Background     The visitor is drawn to the area around Glenelg, on the shores of Kyle Rhea Narrows  opposite the Isle of Skye, perhaps to become familiar with the landscapes associated with Gavin Maxwell, author of a clutch of titles including  the famous ‘Ring of Bright Water’.  The location described as Camusfearna by Maxwell… Continue reading The Lodge at Arnisdale