Wanchancy Game #1

Sequences of Game The sequence of game playing of game#1  Wanchancy is listed here where items in each entry are sequence number, starting co-ordinate (x,y), actual sequence and score.  The co-ordinate (1,1) is the bottom left corner of the play board. This is a specific game of two players where odd entries are player #1… Continue reading Wanchancy Game #1

Keep It Coming

Lord we pray that the Double Gloucester is in stock in M&S today And that also the tea and coffee of our choice Has been driven up from pastures south. And Chunky Chips that cook in 30 minutes Be there also to sustain us. And all the other things in our trolley that we gather… Continue reading Keep It Coming

A Tragedy at Portgower

Recollections An initial visit to the shore at Portgower in Sunderland in Scotland had taken place the year before. This was part of a rediscovery of a haunt from childhood, where until the age of 9, the family had transposed itself for holidays to my aunt’s house just outside Helmsdale at Navidale. I doubt if… Continue reading A Tragedy at Portgower

And Where Do You Come From?

A series of events had landed us in the Scottish town of Peebles, then in a Covid-19 status which allowed access to certain types of visitor accommodation due to the relatively low local rates of Covid-19 infection. Much of the rest of Scotland, however, remained closed. The Scottish housing market, however, remained ‘open’ – subject… Continue reading And Where Do You Come From?