Surprising Salisbury

After moving from North Wales to Warwickshire so began a process of exploration of the surrounding counties. This tended to be undertaken without the immediate access to all manner of information about intended destinations as is now available. This made travel then more of an unfolding experience than one of matching experience to expectation. It… Continue reading Surprising Salisbury

At the Sign of Valentine Fine Art

All conversations are valuable but perhaps conversations involving art are more significant. Conversations among art experts may be intricate and contain the discussion of fine detail known to both parties. Conversations between a gallery owner and an individual with a passing knowledge of a particular art topic are likely to be of an unmatched nature… Continue reading At the Sign of Valentine Fine Art

Monticelli – the Marmite Artist

It is in human nature to assimilate beliefs, prejudices, vices, virtues and techniques of painting pictures. Even the briefest of biographical notes of the major painters of the modern era describe how artists influenced each other and adopted/borrowed the skills of their associates. The painting by the French artist Adolphe Monticelli (1824-1886) in the Burrell… Continue reading Monticelli – the Marmite Artist

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