Modern Art #1 Edinburgh

In the line of chasing up some family relations living in Edinburgh, there was time to call in at one of the sites of modern art in the city  – Modern Art #1.  Driving by car, I seemed to navigate with ease, perhaps emboldened by Google Maps to check progress. The gallery is essentially on… Continue reading Modern Art #1 Edinburgh

Goldmark: An Extraordinary Gallery

The Leicestershire Town of Uppingham is noted certainly for its  famous private school but the Goldmark Gallery in the town  certainly deserves more than a passing mention.  One connection with school is that this was attended by the brother of Vera Brittain who would write Testament of Youth to immortalise  her deep personal losses of… Continue reading Goldmark: An Extraordinary Gallery

Waking up the Burrell

Trying Harder In the modern era there is a certain challenge of waking up historical artefacts in major collections to an increased level of perception. This process is quite evident in the recent makeover of the Burrell Collection housed in Glasgow, which first was opened in an imposing modern building in 1983 and which after… Continue reading Waking up the Burrell

The Spiral Collection

Introduction Software packages that process data invariably require effective tools to display outcomes. While the priority of such packages is often to produce the charts and figures of academic research papers, there is some scope for artistic expression – if you can find it. A basic output mode of packages such as MATLAB is to… Continue reading The Spiral Collection

At the Sign of Valentine Fine Art

All conversations are valuable but perhaps conversations involving art are more significant. Conversations among art experts may be intricate and contain the discussion of fine detail known to both parties. Conversations between a gallery owner and an individual with a passing knowledge of a particular art topic are likely to be of an unmatched nature… Continue reading At the Sign of Valentine Fine Art

Monticelli – the Marmite Artist

It is in human nature to assimilate beliefs, prejudices, vices, virtues and techniques of painting pictures. Even the briefest of biographical notes of the major painters of the modern era describe how artists influenced each other and adopted/borrowed the skills of their associates. The painting by the French artist Adolphe Monticelli (1824-1886) in the Burrell… Continue reading Monticelli – the Marmite Artist

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A Last Work of Eric Gill

In Coventry The city of Coventry has a preoccupation with looking into the past and also anticipating and planning for the future. It is today the ‘City of Peace and Reconciliation’. A link with the past has in recent years been removed from the city in the form of one of the last sculptures of… Continue reading A Last Work of Eric Gill

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Art in Science

An Observation Exhibitions based on new technologies are always of interest. Those based on emerging optical technologies even more so in terms of the possibilities they unlock. At a Photonex exhibition in Coventry in October 2019 there was an enthralling exhibit that could be described as a ‘cube of light’ which at a guess comprised… Continue reading Art in Science