What It’s Like to be a Dog

Preface This entry is an extract from a book I have recently written with title ‘How to talk to your robot dog’. See link at end of post for more details of this publication. Understanding the ‘canine persona’ has moved from in depth observations of behaviour to measurements made using state of the art brain… Continue reading What It’s Like to be a Dog

Sigmund Freud and Dogs

Preface This post is written in a ‘question and answer’ mode which was the style used in my recent book ‘How to talk to your robot dog’ and which investigated the possibility of developing Artificial Intelligence based on the canine intelligence. QUESTION: Has the world of psychiatry made any observations comparing the behavioural characteristics of… Continue reading Sigmund Freud and Dogs

Judy: A dog in a million

Judy’s Story Early Days In researching a book on canine artificial intelligence (‘How to talk to your robot dog’), the story of the dog Judy is highly significant. An excellent example of extraordinary canine intelligence and human bonding was demonstrated by Judy, an English pointer and where it would be relevant at this stage to… Continue reading Judy: A dog in a million