What It’s Like to be a Dog

Preface This entry is an extract from a book I have recently written with title ‘How to talk to your robot dog’. See link at end of post for more details of this publication. Understanding the ‘canine persona’ has moved from in depth observations of behaviour to measurements made using state of the art brain… Continue reading What It’s Like to be a Dog

The Charon Declaration: A New Phrase in Climate Change

The concept of a ‘Charon Declaration’ arose in a recent book I have written called ‘How to talk to your robot dog‘. In this there was a sub theme of sustainability and climate change. The actual text is indicated in italics below and relates to a chapter dealing with such issues. To put the term… Continue reading The Charon Declaration: A New Phrase in Climate Change

A Point of Light

Getting to the Point It is a curious revelation to consider that in every point of space that we perceive in our surroundings, light is passing through that point from all directions. These are particles of light – photons – that emerge from light sources or are scattered/reflected from a surface on which light is… Continue reading A Point of Light

How to Talk to Your Robot Dog

An Intriguing Title The instinct to write a book based on the theme ‘How to talk to your robot dog‘ was in retrospect well placed. The central themes included Artificial Intelligence and canine cognitive potential. After all, why base the persona of an Artificial Intelligence creation on an inconstant human persona that’s never that transparent?… Continue reading How to Talk to Your Robot Dog

Art in Science

An Observation Exhibitions based on new technologies are always of interest. Those based on emerging optical technologies even more so in terms of the possibilities they unlock. At a Photonex exhibition in Coventry in October 2019 there was an enthralling exhibit that could be described as a ‘cube of light’ which at a guess comprised… Continue reading Art in Science

Light Show in the Green Woods

Sun, Leaf and Branch The leafy lines around Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds in England are rich in visual treasures but the display of light filtering through the canopy of trees in high summer is certainly intriguing. Of course such a display is no more than the out workings of the laws of physical optics… Continue reading Light Show in the Green Woods