Goldmark: An Extraordinary Gallery

The Leicestershire Town of Uppingham is noted certainly for its  famous private school but the Goldmark Gallery in the town  certainly deserves more than a passing mention.  One connection with school is that this was attended by the brother of Vera Brittain who would write Testament of Youth to immortalise  her deep personal losses of… Continue reading Goldmark: An Extraordinary Gallery

Surprising Salisbury

After moving from North Wales to Warwickshire so began a process of exploration of the surrounding counties. This tended to be undertaken without the immediate access to all manner of information about intended destinations as is now available. This made travel then more of an unfolding experience than one of matching experience to expectation. It… Continue reading Surprising Salisbury

Light Show in the Green Woods

Sun, Leaf and Branch The leafy lines around Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds in England are rich in visual treasures but the display of light filtering through the canopy of trees in high summer is certainly intriguing. Of course such a display is no more than the out workings of the laws of physical optics… Continue reading Light Show in the Green Woods

New Atlantis

There are those who have read ‘New Atlantis’ by Francis Bacon and those who have not. For those who have read the manuscript this summary will not be a revelation. For those who have not it can only be hoped that the summary does a jot of justice to the main work. The narrative of… Continue reading New Atlantis

A memorable doorway

A Link with JRR Tolkien It was always a pleasant drive along the Fosse Way to reach Stow-on-the Wold after passing through Moreton-on-the-Marsh. There were always art galleries to visit and of these the Fosse Gallery overlooking the main square was especially of interest. A rather unique feature in the town, however, was a north… Continue reading A memorable doorway

Sarehole Mill

This is an item about Sarehole Mill – a locality frequented by JRR Tolkein in his childhood.