The Spiral Collection

Introduction Software packages that process data invariably require effective tools to display outcomes. While the priority of such packages is often to produce the charts and figures of academic research papers, there is some scope for artistic expression – if you can find it. A basic output mode of packages such as MATLAB is to… Continue reading The Spiral Collection

The Half Life of Stuff

It was an idea to make a statement about the fragility of family objects with the passing of the generations. It seemed appropriate to make a photographic record of assorted items with specific associations. Access to a Canon Compact camera simplified the photography with choice of a square image format. The images captured were mainly… Continue reading The Half Life of Stuff

Silicon Playground

Introduction The project seemed like a distraction but was to open doors to projects of future scope. There had always been encouragement in the family home to make things – plaster of Paris moulds of scottie dogs and ladies with large dresses. There was undoubted skill here to add just enough water to the white… Continue reading Silicon Playground