Marie Curie and I

It was one of those ‘archaic’ experiments in the Natural Philosophy laboratory at Glasgow University. It had been included in the belief that it provided the student with a better appreciation of the basics of radioactivity. As I recall the experiment involved a radioactive source and a gold leaf electroscope. When a charge was placed… Continue reading Marie Curie and I

New Atlantis

There are those who have read ‘New Atlantis’ by Francis Bacon and those who have not. For those who have read the manuscript this summary will not be a revelation. For those who have not it can only be hoped that the summary does a jot of justice to the main work. The narrative of… Continue reading New Atlantis

Star-spangled banner

Most of the time we have relatively little interest in the origins of our national anthem and even less in that of other nations – except perhaps when they may have better tunes. The national anthem of America – the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ has, however, some strands of mutual interest for both the Americans and the… Continue reading Star-spangled banner

A memorable doorway

A Link with JRR Tolkien It was always a pleasant drive along the Fosse Way to reach Stow-on-the Wold after passing through Moreton-on-the-Marsh. There were always art galleries to visit and of these the Fosse Gallery overlooking the main square was especially of interest. A rather unique feature in the town, however, was a north… Continue reading A memorable doorway


It was one of those holiday excursions where the venues visited rose up in surprise to greet the traveller. It was Tunisia in 2008 in a then settled and tranquil country while institutions in the Western world were experiencing the financial storm of a generation. It had been an early rise as the coach picked… Continue reading Enfidaville

Sarehole Mill

This is an item about Sarehole Mill – a locality frequented by JRR Tolkein in his childhood.