Perception of Subtleties

We had stopped in the main town car park in Troon in Scotland and about to leave the car for bits of shopping.  I found myself saying something like ‘Do not get confused about this’ without really thinking what I was saying. Anne’s answer was spot on as she  recognised a strangely out of character remark – effectively saying  ‘Be careful what thoughts you pick up which are not your own’. I was  being   let off lightly. 

Here was perception of negative  influences around us that seek to instill division and discord but whose existence is denied  by a modern minded society which more than ever has to discern false information trails from the ones that are real.

de Lairesse, Gerard; An Allegory of the Senses; Glasgow Museums;

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By northernlight1

I have interests is a wide range of topics and have written on these and more formal subjects for quite some time. The written word still retains the power to inform and motivate - hopefully constructively and certainly has to be used responsibly in an age of false information trails.